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Primary School- Chhitapol-7- Bhangal- Bhaktapur Dahagaun Primary School-Suryabinayak-10- Bhaktapur Devi Primary School- Jorpati- Bhaktapur Janasewa Primary School-Manglachhe-14- Bhaktapur Shree Sharada Primary School-Tekhacho- Bhaktapur Udaya Primary School-Itachhen-17- Bhaktapur Deuja Gaun Lower Secondary School-Chittapol-3- Deujagaun- Bhaktapur Shree Nawa Jyoti Primary School-Suryabinayak-12-Bhaktapur Susthamanasthiti Kalyan Vidhyalaya- Barahisthan- Bhaktapur Bal Sudhar Griha-Sanothimi-Bhaktapur Shree Gyan Vijaya Basic School-Dhudpati-Bhaktapur Bal Mandir Primary School-Durbar Square-Bhaktapur Saradha Secondary School-Yalachhen-10-Bhaktapur Mahendra Primary School-Jenla-2-Bhaktapur Samaj Sewa Primary School-Bagiswori- Enacho-6- Bhaktapur Shree kalika Lower Secondary School-Sudal-8-Kalmasi-Bhaktapur Bal Shikshya Sadan Lower Secondary School- Suryabinayak- Bhaktapur Anantalingeshwor Primary School-Dadhikot-5- Bhaktapur Upayogi Primary School-Sirutar-1- Bhaktapur Manav Vidyagriha 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School- Tathali- Bhaktapur Shree Yapee Bhairab Lower Secondary School-Sundarthali- Jhaukhel-5- Bhaktappur Shree Ganesh Primary School- Jhaukel-9- Lakila- Bhaktapur Shree Bal Mikeswor Lower Secondary School- Nagarkot- Bhaktapur Shree Mahendra Gram Higher Secondary School- Sudal-3- Bhaktapur Shree Saraswoti Higher Secondary School- Sudal-6- Bhaktapur Shree Devi Higher Secondary School- Nagarkot- Bhaktapur Shree Panchakanya Secondary School- Sudal-9- Bhaktapur Shree Azad Higher Secondary School- Jhaukhel- Bhaktapur Shree Bagehini Secondary School- Nagarkot- Bageswori- Bhaktapur Shree Bagehiti Mai Primary School- Mahamanjushree- Nagarkot- Bhaktapur Shree Chunadevi Lower Secondary School- Mahamanjushree- Nagarkot- Bhaktapur Shree Tauthali Primary School- Nagarkot-12- Bhaktapur Shree Kalika Secondary School- Nagarkot- Bhaktapur Shree Nagarkot Lower Secondary School- Nagarkot-1- Bhaktapur Shree Gadgade Lower Secondary School- Mahamanjushree- Nagarkot-13- Bhaktapur Dolagiri Higher Secondary School- Changunarayan-1- Bhaktapur Shree Bal Bhakta Primary School-Changunarayan-Ganeshsthan-Bhaktapur Shree Krishna Primary School-Changu-4- Bhaktapur Shree Changunarayan Primary School_ Bhaktapur Shree Ganesh Primary School- Phaidhoka- Duwakot-1- Bhaktapur Shree Manohara Lower Secondary School- Duwakot- Bhaktapur Shree Bhairabi Primary School-Duwakot-Bhaktapur Shree Changu Narayan Higher Secondary School-Duwakot- Bhaktapur Shree Ganesh Secondary School- Chhaling-4- Bhaktapur Shree Gyan Jyoti Lower Secondary School-Chhaling-2-Bhaktapur Shree Radha Krishna Lower Secondary School-Chhaling-6-Bhaktapur Shree Krishna Higher Secondary School-Kharipati-Bhaktapur Shree Brahmayani Primary School- Liwali-2- Bhaktapur Saraswoti Vidhyagriha Secondary School- Navadurgasthan-Bhaktapur Shree Bal Sewak Lower Seondary School-Hanumanghat-Bhaktapur Dyola primary School-Bhelukhel-Bhaktapur Chandeswori Lower Secondary School- Hanumanghat- Bhaktapur Santati Primary School- Srijananagar-Bhaktapur Shree Nabin Lower Secondary School- Golmadhi-7- Bhaktapur Shree Prathamik Vidyalaya-Yachhen-5- Bhaktapur Hansabahini Primary School-Bhaktapur Shree Bramhacharini Primary School- Bhaktapur Shree Siddhi Sardha Primary School-Bhaktapur Shree Subarneshwor Lower Secondary School- Katunje- Bhaktapur Shree Bhim Adarsha Lower Secondary School- Liwali-2-Bhaktapur Bagiswori Higher Secondary School-Chyamhasingh-Bhaktapur Shree Dattatraya Lower Secondary School- Tachapal-3- Bhaktapur Shree Baradayani Lower Secondary School-Bhagwatisthan-11-Bhaktapur Shree Bharati Primary School-Yoshikhel-11-Bhaktapur Shree Adarsha Azad Higher Secondary School-Bhelukhel-Bhaktapur Shree Samaj Sudhar Secondary School- Taulachhe-2- Bhaktapur Shree Bhairabi Lower Secondary School- Gundu- Bhaktapur Shree Chandra Suryodaya Lower Seondary School- Ghampe Dada- Bhaktapur Shree Jyoti Secondary School- Kiwachowk- Bhaktapur Shree Somlingeshwor Lower Secondary School- Sirutar-7- Bhaktapur Sishu Shayahar Primary School- Sirutar- Bhaktapur Shree Mahendra Shanti Secondary School- Balkot- Bhaktapur Sirutar Secondary School- Sirutar- Bhaktapur Shree Kulmaya Bhagwati Lower Secondary School- Biruwa- Bhaktapur

Heal & Hearing Trek at Dolpa

Current Project / Updates

School Ear Screening Programs

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Monastery Ear Screening Programs

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Up Coming Events

February 2020

School Based Ear Health Program for Prevention of Deafnes at Kirtipur .

School Based Ear Health Program for Prevention of Deafnes at rural parts of Lalitpur.

Celebrating World Hearing Day in 3rd March 2020.









Future programs/ projects

To expand the school based program outside Lalitpur district to Kathmandu Valley and then to cover up the whole country

Provide Oto-rhino-laryngological and Audiological tests to establish