Handicraft Entrepreneurship

"A venture for self sustainability"

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Banana fiber and
recycle tire tube bag
Code no: ECN 01
Size: 13"X13"X3"
Price: NRs. 3000

Banana fiber and
recycle tire tube clutch
Code no: ECN 02
Size: 15.5"X12"
Price: NRs. 3000

Hem fiber and  
recycle tire tube bag
Code no: ECN 03A
Size: 14"X13"X3.5"
Price: NRs. 3000

Recycle tire purse
Code no: ECN 04
Size: 8"X 5"X1"
Price: NRs. 2500
Nepali handloom 
cotton canvas bag
Code no: ECN 05
Size: 15"X12"X3.5"
Price: NRs 2350

Story of Ear Care Nepal and its handbags:

“Ear Care Nepal” is delighted to introduce a collection of eco-friendly luxury ladies handbags with humble support from Sushmita Malla, a social entrepreneur who believes in ethical/sustainable economy. It is an attempt from Ear Care Nepal for self sustainability to support its goal “Prevention of deafness and conservation & promotion of hearing in Nepalese children”.

These handbags are ethically handmade by Nepali artisans from natural fibers like Himalayan stinging nettle, hemp, banana fibers and highly sustainable recycled tire tubes of trucks/ buses. Fibers are hand-woven by women from villages of central and far west Nepal. To ensure sustainable supply chain available local raw materials are use for these products.

100% of the profit made from these bags goes to Ear Care Nepal to support ear surgeries of underprivileged children of Nepal for restoration of hearing.

Your purchase of these bags would assist us in this endeavor of “Prevention of deafness among Nepalese children”.

Please feel free to pose with the bag you earned and post it.

Thank you

To order/for more details please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +977-01-5000128

Up Coming Events

Notice : Due to Covid 19 global pandemic, Ear Care Nepal has postponed all its screening programs till further notice. 

School Based Ear Health Program for Prevention of Deafnes at Kirtipur .

School Based Ear Health Program for Prevention of Deafnes at rural parts of Lalitpur.










Future programs/ projects

To expand the school based program outside Lalitpur district to Kathmandu Valley and then to cover up the whole country

Provide Oto-rhino-laryngological and Audiological tests to establish