Current project

Nepal has one of the highest prevalence of hearing loss in the world. More than 50% of those suffering from this condition belong to the school going age group from underprivileged family backgrounds. The main focus of our organization is this vulnerable group of people.

In pursuit of our aim we have started a screening program covering all the government schools of Lalitpur district. The intention behind covering the government schools in urban areas is to address the problems of the neglected urban poor, who often find themselves overlooked. The rich in Kathmandu, who only account for a small proportion of the city’s population, overshadow the much larger poorer section of the population who find themselves ignored since a majority of projects target only the rural areas. Consequently, a large number of children studying in these valley government schools are deprived of all medical facilities. They form an important part of the target group.

Apart from school based program we are also screening all the monks and nuns of Buddhist Monasteries located inside Kathmandu Valley for ear diseases. All the screening work and tests for the children/monks and nuns of this project area is done free of cost, but middle ear surgery is carried out for a nominal charge. This innovative screening project includes:

  • Screening of all 196 government schools of Lalitpur district for hearing impairment
  • Provide Ear, Nose, Throat services to the children
  • Provide Primary ear care education through informative/ educative materials like:
  1. Posters on primary ear care
  2. Posters on guidelines to help deaf child
  3. Manual on ear care for students and teachers
  4. Animated flipcharts on primary ear care
  • Detail ENT evaluation of the children with ear diseases
  • Detail hearing assessment of these children with deafness
  • Conservative treatment of the children at the site
  • Provide hearing rehabilitation with hearing aids, surgery and medicine as required
  • Surgical management of the children who requires surgical treatment at tertiary level hospital
  • Screening of monks and nuns living in various Buddhist Monasteries located inside Kathmandu Valley for hearing impairment
  • Hearing evaluation, medical and surgical treatment for the monks and nuns with ear problems

Heal & Hearing Trek at Dolpa

Up Coming Events

February 2020

School Based Ear Health Program for Prevention of Deafnes at Kirtipur .

School Based Ear Health Program for Prevention of Deafnes at rural parts of Lalitpur.

Celebrating World Hearing Day in 3rd March 2020.









Future programs/ projects

To expand the school based program outside Lalitpur district to Kathmandu Valley and then to cover up the whole country

Provide Oto-rhino-laryngological and Audiological tests to establish