Ear screening program details of Mindronling Monastery, Bajrabarahi, Lalitpur 

2nd April 2014  

Ear screening program of Tharlam Mindronling Monastery.

Screening program was carried out by a team from Ear Care Nepal which included ENT Surgeon: Dr. Milan Maharjan, Audio-technician: Ms. Ramita Maharjan and Volunteers: Ms. Badri Maharjan, Ms. Luniva Maharjan.

Active participation and support was provided by the Senior lamas during entire program.  

  • Total number of lamas: 44
  • Total number with normal findings: 35 (79.54%)
  • Total number with wax: 5 (11.36%)
  • Total number with middle ear problem: 4 (9.90%)
    • Chronic Otitis Media 'TT': 2
    • Retracted TM: 1
    • Adhesive OM: 1
  • Lamas Needing surgery: 3 



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 September 2019


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Future programs/ projects

To expand the school based program outside Lalitpur district to Kathmandu Valley and then to cover up the whole country

Provide Oto-rhino-laryngological and Audiological tests to establish