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Ear Care Nepal is very grateful to following kind hearted people for their generous donations for Earthquake Relief and reconstruction, this work was possible because of their personal contributions:

01. Beatriz De Francisco and family
02. Team Zurrut Taberna
03. Baltimore Little Soccer Team and family, USA
04. Prof. William Waldron
05. Samyak Ratna Shakya
06. Nani Beti Shakya
07. Laxmi Dhakhwa
08. Nepal Rises
09. Musicandbooks, Nuremberg-Norbert Walden
10. Musicandbooks, Munich-Jan Walden
11. Primus Fremdesprachen-Barbara Walden
12. Viktor Vozar
13. Gerhard
14. Martin Daser
15. Rudolf Bros
16. Rainer Zurn
17. Alex Thomas
18. Arulmathy Arunachalam and Hesitha Abeysundera
19. Ruth Capper
20. Els Schotman
21. Prof. Heather Stoddard
22. Sumi and Aaron Bhattachan
23. Mohan Ratna Shakya
24. Milan Shakya
25. Population Services International Nepal staff “PSI”
26. Ex-AVM 2046
27. Sunil Maharjan
28. Help Nepal Network
29. Smart Pani
30. Himalayan Buddhist Education Foundation
31. Ram Singh and friends (Ex-AVM 2046)
32. Roshan Shrestha (Ex-AVM 2046)
33. (Kiran Raj Bajracharya) C/O Karna Shakya
34. Prof. Bill
35. Sita Gurung
36. Brenda Owens
37. Peter Kovac
38. Cherry and Klaus Kohler
39. Jenella Meyer
40. Ed Stath
41. Dr. Ohm and Judy
42. Militza and Jose
43. Raj and Rima
44. Anne Brown
45. Maria and Gilberto
46. Karen Hudson
47. Steve Scofiled
48. Katy Rainey
49. Bhairaja and Amina
50. Abhishek Gupta
51. Beatriz de Patxi and friends/ family
52. Dorothea Stumm
53. Nilhari Neupanne
54. Walden family
55. Pablo Etayo Martinez de Eulate
56. Tanjas family
57. Martin Hanisch
58. Chanda Gurung
59. Neeranjan Rajbhandari
60. Om Lal Shrestha
61. Paula Maria Auer
62. Karl Mindt
63. Liette Jacoby
64. Michal and Michalina
65. Manya and Rahul
66. Sudan Dhakhwa
67. Anugraha Gurung
68. Nabin Sharma

Ear Care Nepal


Don't be Deaf

Don't be deaf...Listen to the story of these kids...

Aashish, Birendra and Manoj suffer from Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media, which is a chronic infection of a middle ear cleft. If left untreated, it may lead to hearing loss and even brain infection.

Get to know these youngsters with big dreams and their story until they go for an operation. The follow up on their story is going to be published in the end of December, 2017.. 


Current Project / Updates

School Ear Screening Programs

more details                            Gallery

Monastery Ear Screening Programs

more details                            Gallery



Up Coming Events

September 2018

Kavrepalanchowk School Based Program for Prevention of Deafness (June 2018 - November 2019)

Ear screening programs at Public Schools and Monasteries of Kathmandu Valley.

Conducting Middle ear surgery of children at public schools of Nepal.

Conducting parents counselling for ear surgery.








Future programs/ projects

To expand the school based program outside Lalitpur district to Kathmandu Valley and then to cover up the whole country

Provide Oto-rhino-laryngological and Audiological tests to establish