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Ear Care Nepal provided me with an opportunity to go to China for an educational and recreational visit from 8 May to 17 May 2018. At Southwest Medical University, Sichuan, we were given a warm welcome by Mr. He Yanzheng, the president of the university. The medical hospital gave us hands on training on Traditional Chinese Medicine and certificates were awarded to us after completing the 10 day course.Apart from that, we visited panda breeding center, mobile manufacturing plant and wine production facilities where modern technologies were seen being used for total task automation. During this visit, we witnessed the spectacular medical and technical advancements China has made so far that have put the country ahead of the world.

This visit has broadened my knowledge; it has helped me in building up my confidence level. I would like to extend my gratitude towards Ear Care Nepal for giving me such an invaluable lifelong experience that has allowed me to view life from a new perspective.

- Mana Shrestha, Nursing Incharge, ECN

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