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Ear screening program details of Shelkar Monastery, Sundar Tole, Kathmandu
25th July 2016


Screening program was carried out by a team from Ear Care Nepal which included ENT Surgeon: Dr. Milan Maharjan, Audiotechnician: Ms. Ramita Maharja

Community Ear Assistant Mana Shrestha, Volunteer: Prity Maharjan.

Active participation and support was provided by the Senior lamas/Anis during entire program.


  • Total number of Anis /Lamas ear screened: 49
  • Total number of Anis/Lamas with normal finding: 40 (81.63%) 
  • Total number of Anis/Lamas with wax: 4 (8.16%)
  • Total number of Anis/Lamas with middle ear problem: 5 (10.20%)
    • CSOM TT: 2
    • Retracted TM: 2
    • OME: 1

  • Total number of Anis/Lamas requiring ear surgery: 1


Gallery Link : https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipOKpNcdcN9cUL6i1Fo3PKVXp26dR5p8p144I_vH